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Journeys > Cambodia >     14 Days the Best of Cambodia - private

14 Days the Best of Cambodia - private

From € 898 p.p. 898
14 Days the Best of Cambodia. Visit Phnom Phen, Kratie, Siem Reap and stay on the white sandy beaches of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem.
Day 1: Phnom Phen (-)
Arrive in Pnnom Phen, welcome and private transfer to your centrally located hotel. At leisure and overnight in Phnom Phen.
Day 2 : Phnom Phen (breakfast)
After breakfast, at leisure to explore the city by yourself or book an optional tour to visit the Grand Palace, Silver Pagoda, National Museum and, or the Killing Fields. Overnight in Phnom Phen.
Day 3: Phnom Phen - Kratie (breakfast)
After breakfast, transfer to the bus station and take the public bus to Kratie. Arrive and walk across to the pier and take the boat to the island and transfer to your hotel located in the middle of the Mekong River. In the afternoon you may discuss with the hotel to rent a local boat to spot the rare Irrawadee Sweet Water dolphins which are almost extinct. Overnight in Kratie.
Day 4 : Kratie (breakfast)
After breakfast, at leisure and time to explore the local farmer lives of the Cambodian people. Overnight Kratie.
Day 5 : Kratie - Siem Reap (breakfast)
After breakfast, private transfer across the country and passing the Tonle Sap lake to the old city of Angkor: Siem Reap. Arrive, check in at your centrally located hotel and overnight.
Day 6 and Day 7 : Siem Reap (breakfast)
After breakfast, at leisure and you can explore the old city of Angkor by yourself or with a hired taxi or you can book an optional tour with guide and lunch and all entrance fees to bring you to the highlights such as: Bayon, Angkor Thom, Thaphrom, Neak Phan and the world famous Angkor Wat. Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 8 : Siem Reap - Sihanoukville - Koh Rong (breakfast)
After breakfast, private transfer to the airport for your flight to Sihanoukville. Arrive, welcome and private transfer to the pier for your boat to the paradise island of Koh Rong. Arrive at your hotel, check in, relax and overnight.
Day 9 and Day 10 : Koh Rong (breakfast)
After breakfast, relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings of this tropical paradise island full of white sandy beaches. Overnight Koh Rong.
Day 11: Koh Rong - Koh Rong Sanloem (breakfast)
After breakfast, take the boat to the next paradise island of Koh Rong Sanloem. Arrive and check into your hotel. Relax and overnight
Day 12 and Day 13: Koh Rong Sanloem (breakfast)
After breakfast, at leisure and you can book via the hotel an optional tour program or go for snorkeling at nearby coral reefs. Overnight at Koh Rong Sanloem.
Day 14: Koh Rong Sanloem - Sihanoukville - Phnom Phen (breakfast
After breakfast, check out and take the boat to Sihanoukville and with private transfer to Phnom Phen city or airport.
Here your best of Cambodia highlights will end.
* If you like to change the program, please do let us know, we can adapt based on your wishes and budge.


From € 898 p.p. 898

14 Days the Best of Cambodia - private

From € 898 p.p.
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