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Short Programs > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  2 Days • Akha Outpost Trekking, Chiang Mai - Join Tour

2 Days • Akha Outpost Trekking, Chiang Mai - Join Tour

From € 235 p.p. 235

Day 1 - Khum Lanna - Akha Outpost (lunch & dinner)

10h00: Depart from Khum Lanna by joint local truck. You will head to Palong village in Chiang Dao. A tasty picnic lunch will be provided en route. Walk uphill about 4 hours to Akha outpost. Your guide will point out interesting Flora and Fauna along the way. Check-in at Akha Outpost, set in an isolated area with spectacular views: looking north down into the valley far below or to the west, the mountain peaks stretching into Burma and finally in the east the Lao PDR. For dinner, help your guide whip up a tasty, wholesome mountain meal. Dinner & Overnight at Akha Outpost, modeled on a typical Akha house. Basic amenities are provided: mattress, pillow, bed linen, blankets, towels, mosquito nets, etc. Two western toilets and a communal shower are provided)



 Day 2 - Akha Outpost - Khum Lanna (breakfast)

Breakfast at the Akha Outpost. Start walking downhill passing by the waterfall to another Akha village. Upon reaching the ending point of the trek, you will be transferred to Khum Lanna. From here you can decide to book a night at the Khum Lanna or book an extra transfer to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai or elsewhere.



Extra Info & Requirements:


* Minimum of 2 people traveling together 


REMARKS: Guest should be healthy and in good physical condition. Weather conditions can impose changes in the program or the cancellation of activities. Guest need to bring a copy of their passport & Thai visa page with stamp into Thailand.


From € 235 p.p. 235

2 Days • Akha Outpost Trekking, Chiang Mai - Join Tour

From € 235 p.p.
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