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Short Programs > Thailand >  Bangkok >  2 Days Bang Pa Inn and Ayuthaya the Local Way - private

2 Days Bang Pa Inn and Ayuthaya the Local Way - private

From € 75 p.p. 75
Day 1 - Bangkok - Bang Pa Inn - Ayuthaya (lunch)
Your private guide will pick you up from your hotel in central bangkok and togehter you will travel by local transport to the Bangkok train station. Board the local train and depart north. Get off at the Bang Pa Inn station and walk a few minutes to discover the summar palace of the old kings. Walk back to the train station and continue to the old Unesco World Heritage site of Ayuthaya.
Arrive at the train station and continue with bicycles to visit the most important tempels of the old captial of Siam between 1250 and 1767. During more then 400 years Ayuthaya was the most imporant trading city in South East Asia and many traders from Europe such as the Dutch, Portugese, French, Britisch and Japanse had trading posts in Ayuthaya.
After a local lunch, explore the local market and cycle to your stay in the the old center of Ayuthaya. Your luggage has already been brought from the trrain station to your overnight place.
Free for dinner and overnight in Ayuthaya.
Day 2 - Ayuthaya - next destination (breakfast)
After breakfast, time to relax or use the bicycles to explore more of Ayuthaya. Check out before noon and here is where this program ends.
From € 75 p.p. 75

2 Days Bang Pa Inn and Ayuthaya the Local Way - private

From € 75 p.p.
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