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Short Programs > Thailand >  Bangkok >  2 Days Ayuthaya Private, Luxury and Boutique program

2 Days Ayuthaya Private, Luxury and Boutique program

A luxury private program which brings you from Bangkok to Bang Pa Inn Palace and the old capital of Siam 'Ayuthaya'. Stay overnight in a luxury boutique hotel before cruise back over the River of Kings 'The Chaophraya' to Bangkok.

Day 1 - Bangkok - Bang Pa In - Ayuthaya (lunch)

After breakfast your private guide and chauffeur will pick you up from your hotel in Bangkok. After a short drive we will stop at the Old Summer Palace of Bang Pa In. We visit this palace and be amazed by the many different kind of buildings which were desgined and displayed former foreign dignitaries.

We take a private longtail boat over the river towards Ayuthaya and make a stop at the Baan Hollanda. A museum reflecting the old colonial days whereby the VOC established a village to trade with the Siamese kings.

Continue and visit the Wat Yai Mongkol, Wat Mahathat and the Wat Sri Samphet. Enjoy a local lunch on the river before check into  your hotel in Ayuthaya. Free for dinner and overnight in Ayuthaya.


Day 2 - Ayuthaya - Wat Chong Lom - Bangkok (breakfast, lunch)

After breakfast, free at leisure until time for a private transfer to the Wat Chong Lom to board the River Cruise. Have a sumptuos buffet luch and cruise back over the 'River Of Kings' back to Bangkok. Arrive in the late afternoon at the River City complex in the center of Bangkok.


*** End of your Siam Historical Boutique Exploration ***



2 Days Ayuthaya Private, Luxury and Boutique program

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