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Short Programs > Thailand >  Koh Chang >  3 Days Koh Chang Stay

3 Days Koh Chang Stay

From € 329 p.p. 329

Day 1 - Arrive on Koh Chang (-)

Arrive at Bangkok airport or Trat airport or Koh Kood Pier or Koh Mak Pier. Welcome and transfer to your centrally located hotel for overnight.


Day 2 - Koh Chang (Breakfast)

After breakfast, Feel free to either enjoy in Koh Chang at your own pace, or select one of our carefully arranged day programs to show you around Koh Chang in style. Overnight in Koh Chang.


Day 3 - Koh Chang (Breakfast)

After breakfast, Free till time to check out. End of program.

From € 329 p.p. 329

3 Days Koh Chang Stay

From € 329 p.p.
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