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Short Programs > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  3 Days • Chiang Dao Mountain Trek - Private Tour

3 Days • Chiang Dao Mountain Trek - Private Tour

From € 216 p.p. 216
The Chiang Dao mountain range lays North of Chiang Mai. The area is home of many ethnic hill-tribes and small villages, At the West of the Mountain you find the Mae Tang river that leads you throw a magnificent forest and valley. This adventurous and beautiful mountain trek will take participants across the mountain range, down to the Mae Tang River valley on trails that are regularly used by villagers. Trekkers will enjoy scenic views from the mountain as a long part of the hike is on the mountain ridges

Travel Initary

Day 1: Drive to the jungle, start trekking to a Lahu village.

Day 2: Longest trekking day today with approximately 7 hour’s hike.

Day 3: Easier trek down to the Mae Tang River valley campsite and bamboo rafting.


During the cold season (December and January) add a fleece and long pants to your pack as temperatures can drop fairly low at night in the mountain.
The hike can be strenuous, therefore suitable for people in good physical condition. Expect to walk 6 hours during the second day of the program, and 3 to 4 hours on first and last day.
Village accommodation: participants must be aware that there are no western-style toilets and washing facilities. Sleeping is on a bamboo floor, dormitory style. Sleeping bags, foam mats and mosquito nets are supplied.
From € 216 p.p. 216

3 Days • Chiang Dao Mountain Trek - Private Tour

From € 216 p.p.
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