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Short Programs > Thailand >  Khao Sok >  3 Days Cheow Lan Lake - Khao Sok Luxury Adventure

3 Days Cheow Lan Lake - Khao Sok Luxury Adventure

From € 333 p.p. 333

Experience 3 days on the Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok national park. Be amazed with the stunning nature, relax or go hiking to the viewpoint, waterfall, spot wildlife, swim, snorkel or kayak along the caves and through the nature. 

Day 1 - Cheow Lan Lake (lunch, dinner)

11.30 Depart from the pier for a scenic boat ride to The Resort with the scenery of “Chiew-Larn Lake” emerald waters toward the blue sky on the way. 12.30 Arrive at The Greenery Panvaree floating resort and be welcomed by our staff. Check in to your room and head to the restaurant for a delicious lunch (1) then spend the afternoon enjoying the heart of nature, swim, explore the surroundings by kayaking, or simply relax and bask in the atmosphere. 16.00 Little Ha Long Bay, a boat trip around the place. 19.00 Dinner (2) under the sparkling outback sky.

Day 2 - Cheow Lan Lake (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

6.30 Morning Safari in the early morning with the most beautiful view of the lake along with the sun rise over the mountains as the mist floats across the water. 7.30 Breakfast (3) and spend your time relaxing into the beauty and tranquility of heavenly view at our resort. 12.00 Lunch (4) 13:30 Adventure trip to Prakarang coral cave, Jungle trek to the emerald lagoon, then ride the bamboo boat to Prakarang cave, the stalagmites have a similar shape to coral. Seeing the wildlife and rare plants in the rainforest 19.00 Dinner.

Day 3 - Cheow Lan Lake - next destination (breakfast)

8.00 Wake up in the morning under the beautiful mist across the sky, enjoy Breakfast(6) 9.00 Check-out from your room, board the long-tail boat and cruise back across the reservoir with panoramic view of “Guilin Thailand” 10.00 Return back to the pier

From € 333 p.p. 333

3 Days Cheow Lan Lake - Khao Sok Luxury Adventure

From € 333 p.p.
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