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Short Programs > Vietnam >  Hanoi >  5 Days Hanoi and Halong Bay discovery

5 Days Hanoi and Halong Bay discovery

From € 236 p.p. 236
Visit Hanoi and Halong Bay in North Vietnam with this exciting 5 days program. 
Day 1: Hanoi - Arrival (-)
Pick up at Noi Bai airport and transfer to hotel for check-in at leisure and overnight in Hanoi.
Day 2: Hanoi – half day tour (breakfast)
After breakfast, visit with a local guide by walking and a tricyle all the highlights of Hanoi. Overnight in Hanoi.
Day 3: Hanoi – Ha Long Bay (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

After breakfast, pick up by the Halong Bay cruise company and transfer to Halong City. Arrive at noon time. Go onboard and sail through halong bay and enjoy a seafood lunch. Make a stop to visit the cave and some relaxation on the island. Dinner onboard and overnight in Halong Bay.
Day 4: Ha Long Bay - Hanoi (breakfast, lunch)
Morning coffee and Ta Chi onboard. Sail to Titov island and explore this by swimming, hiking or kayak. Have breakfast onboard and sail slowly back to Halong City. Arrive and after a light lunch transfer back to Hanoi and have dinner at local restaurant upon arrival in Hanoi. Check-in and overnight in Hanoi.
Day 5: Hanoi – Departure (breakfast)
After breakfast, free at leisure till time to check-out. End of the program and on to your next destination. 

From € 236 p.p. 236

5 Days Hanoi and Halong Bay discovery

From € 236 p.p.
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