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Hotels > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Anantara Bangkok Sathorn

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn

From € 68 p.r. 68


Located in Bangkok's Central Business District, Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel offers luxurious accommodation with private balconies. It features a spa, a spectacular outdoor pool and a 24-hour gym.


Rooms at Anantara Sathorn have floor-to-ceiling glass windows providing panoramic city views of Bangkok. Each room has a flat-screen TV and minibar.


Room Type : Premier Room, Skyline Premier Room, One Bedroom Suite, Skyline One Bedroom Suite, Kasara One Bedroom Suite, Two Bedroom Suite, Skyline Two Bedroom Suite and Kasara Two Bedroom Suite.

Guests can enjoy a variety of body treatments at Anantara Spa. Younger guests can enjoy the separate children's pool and playroom. A 24-hour business centre and a tennis court are also available.


Anantara Sathorn Bangkok Hotel has 2 restaurants serving local and international dishes. Overlooking the pool, 100° East Restaurant serves a great array of Asian and western cuisines. Crust Restaurant serves gourmet pizzas prepared with seasonal ingredients.

A free shuttle bus service to Chong Nonsi Skytrain Station is offered. Sathorn is a great choice for travelers interested in templesculture and food.


Facilities : Concierge Service, Free WiFi, Airport Shuttle, Outdoor Pool, Family Rooms and Fitness Center.

From € 68 p.r. 68

Anantara Bangkok Sathorn

From € 68 p.r.
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