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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Phangan >  Angkana Hotel Bungalows

Angkana Hotel Bungalows

Located within 10 min walking distance from Thong Sala, its harbor and shops, Angkana Hotel Bungalows welcomes you in a quiet and friendly atmosphere for a genuinely relaxing and pleasant experience.

4  sea view, 4 garden view and 2 beachfront bungalows facing the lagoon await you of Nai Wok's bay.

Ankgana offers you roomy bungalows tastefully decorated fully furnished and equipped with air-conditioning, smart TV, safety box, kettle, hairdryer, hot water, and WIFI.

Each bungalow has its own terrace from where you will be able to be served your breakfast as well as to admire the stunning sundown of this side of the island.

At last, our team remains at your disposal for boat trip organization, diving, and other water sports as well as car hire, motorbike and more.

Angkana Hotel Bungalows

From € 54 p.r.
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