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Hotels > Thailand >  Krabi/ Aonang >  Aonang Paradise Resort Krabi

Aonang Paradise Resort Krabi


The Aonang Paradise Resort and Longstay of Thailand is a 4-star hotel in Krabi situated in tranquility amidst lush tropical vegetation. Aonang paradise resort - Krabi Hotel Thailand is located a mere 400 meters from Aonang beach which can be easily reached with a 5-minute walk.


The Aonang Paradise Resort and Longstay are located just only 400 meters to the Aonang Beach, only 30 minutes to Krabi Airport, and 20 minutes to Krabi town and bus station. A slice of tranquility, the paradise offers privacy and intimacy under the shade of a wide variety of indigenous trees and shrubs.


Aonang Paradise Resort-Krabi stands out from other Aonang hotels due to its stylish combination of tropical lifestyle and contemporary design set amidst striking natural surroundings. A slice of tranquility, paradise offers privacy and intimacy under the shade of a wide variety of indigenous trees and shrubs which we have cultivated over the past decade.

Rooms types: Superior Room, Deluxe Room, Deluxe Premium Cliff View, Grand Deluxe Pool-Side, and Family Room.


Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, Airport transfer, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Pool bar, Paradise massage, and Laundry service.

Aonang Paradise Resort Krabi

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