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Hotels > Myanmar >  Bagan >  Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan

Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan


Set amidst 27 acres of tropical gardens in Bagan, Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan offers a relaxing getaway surrounded by the ancient temples. Guests enjoy free access to the swimming pool, fitness and can stay connected with the complimentary WiFi that is available throughout the property.


Featuring antique artifacts and local arts throughout, the spacious bedrooms are all fitted with modern amenities. The bathroom comes with a spa bath, hot shower as well as free toiletries.


Room Type Deluxe Room, Jasmine Garden View, Orchid Villa Garden View, Jasmine Lake View, Orchid Villa Lake View, Lotus Villa Garden View, Lotus Villa temple View, Palm Tree Villa and Island Villa.


During the stay at Aureum Palace Bagan, guests can pamper themselves with aroma therapies, traditional massages and other body treatments at The Nature Spa. Classical Myanmar dance performances can be enjoyed at The Terrace at The Lake. For business travelers, conferences and group activities can be arranged on-site.


Xanadu Restaurant opens all day and serves a range of continental, Italian and Asian dishes. With a relaxed ambiance, Xanadu also boasts stunning pagoda views. A extended list of fine Italian wines and traditional Myanmar dinner are also available. Exotic tropical drinks and signature cocktails can be sampled at Hero's Club. For a relaxing afternoon, head over to The Lounge for freshly baked pastries, home-made sorbets, tea and coffee.

Facilities : Free WiFi, Outdoor Pool, Airport Shuttle, Free Parking, Fitness Centre, Spa and Wellness Centre.

Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Bagan

From € 136 p.r.
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