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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Samet >  Avatara Resort Koh Samet

Avatara Resort Koh Samet

Avatara Resort is located on the east side of Koh Samet. Ao Hin Khok Beach represent the impressive view in front of the resort and the beach restaurant. Here it´s easy to let the days go by slowly. Enjoy included breakfast directly on the beach.

Accommodation with high standard - New rooms with plenty of space

Avatara Resort offer a great stay in 50 newly built rooms located right behind the reception area. Both smaller standards rooms for one or two persons, and also family rooms with several beds and plenty of space for the whole family. All rooms are equipped with air condition and a luxury bathroom area. It´s a good reason to choose Avatara Resort for making a good and pleasant stay on Koh Samet.

Enjoy delicious food in Avatara Restaurant

The restaurant provides excellent food with different dishes from all around the world. In the restaurant bar, you can enjoy a good coffee after dinner, fruit shakes, desserts and much more. The restaurant offer a breakfast buffet in the morning with all kind of breakfast styles that makes a good start on the new day. You enjoy the breakfast directly on the beach in front of the sea.

Beautiful and cozy atmosphere

When the evening starts, and the sun is hiding behind the sea skyline, it´s a great moment to enjoy your time with friends in Avatara Resort and Restaurant. Stunning view and a cozy atmosphere under the stars placed in the trees above you


Avatara Resort, 106 Moo 4, Koh Samet, 21160 Muang Rayong, Thailand

Avatara Resort Koh Samet

From € 88 p.r.
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