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Hotels > Thailand >  Kanchanaburi/River Kwai >  Boutique Raft Resort River Kwai

Boutique Raft Resort River Kwai

From € 57 p.r. 57

Boutique Raft Resort River Kwai locates along the River Kwai, the well-known river during World War II, a unique floating raft as comfortable accommodation for travelers who love nature and tranquility. Resort provides the perfect mixture of full furnished room in the river and surrounding greenery of mountain, traveler can visit various nearby historical and nature attractions i.e. museum, hellfire pass, waterfalls, cave, hotspring, etc.


Boutique Raft Resort is designed uniquely to harmonious properties with surrounding forest, accommodation is made by hard wood, decorating with locally made furniture. Total of 25 rooms equipped with air-conditioned & ceiling fan, sofa, wardrobe, mini-bar, hot water, and balcony, this ensures all nature lovers to impress with this boutique style.


Resort has all-day dining restaurant on 2nd floor with panorama views of mountain and river, high standard foods and drinks are served both in restaurant and room service. Menu offers wide range of Thai foods including variety of western foods. Breakfast served here also with fresh coffee and juices, opens from 6.30 am. till late at night.


A ride on a bamboo raft lets guests explore the river. A visit to the Hin Dat Hot Spring offers relaxation.

This property also has one of the top-rated locations in Sai Yok! Guests are happier about it compared to other properties in the area

From € 57 p.r. 57

Boutique Raft Resort River Kwai

From € 57 p.r.
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