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Hotels > Thailand >  Ayuthaya >  Baan Thai House Ayuthaya

Baan Thai House Ayuthaya

Baan Thai House proudly features a unique agriculture of relaxation and authentic Thai style living. 

Hideaway in the historic city of Ayutthaya, just 76 km. north of Bangkok, Baan Thai House offers a unique experience of relaxation and Thai style living. Our resort has been designed and created for those who are looking for peace and tranquility.

Twelve individually theme villas nestled among 4 rais of tropical landscape enable you to experience Thai hospitality at its best. Also available is a swimming pool and a spa, our spa offers both Thai traditional massage and Aromatherapy serviced by qualified therapists.

Staying in Ayutthaya allows you to appreciate a wealth of Thai history and culture. The old city now a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site is a must-see for tourists visiting Thailand.



Swi.mming Pool: Relaxing after a hot day visiting the temples and historical sites, our pool is surrounded with green garden. A uniquely designed Sala (Thai Pavillian) is located near the pool providing a nice and quiet spot for your reading.


 Spa: The Bu-Nga Spa offers both Thai Traditional Massages and an Aroma Therapy Massages. You can choose a Thai Body massages, Neck and Shoulder Massages or only Foot Massages to fit your needs. For great relaxation, select one of many scent imported essential oils offer by our experienced Therapists to suit your soul

Cyclings: Guests can borrow our bikes to tour the near-by area which includes the famous Ayothaya Floating Market, Kudee Dow temple and Maheyoung Temple. For experienced bikers, you can also visit the historical park located just across the Pa-Sak River. Our bicycles are available based on first-come-first serve basis.


Baan Thai House Ayuthaya

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