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Hotels > Thailand >  Ayuthaya >  Baan Tye Wang Ayuthaya

Baan Tye Wang Ayuthaya

From € 59 p.r. 59

Baan Tye Wang is proudly accented for the aroma of authentic Thai style and oriental simplicity. Baan Tye Wang Guesthouse is the stunning place to discover and experience Ayuthaya and its heritage. Situated in the the historic city of Ayuttaya where the place is surounded by antique agritecthure suc as Wat Ratchaburana and Royal palace , Baan Tye Wang offers boutique accommodation with stylish furnishings and dropping with aromatic of Thai authentic furniture like Thai lacquerware amd using original Thai ancient colour  such as Chad, Kheo Kaika, and Thong.

Opening out to a private balcony with paranomic canal views, these spacious rooms offer outdoor seating, amendities and facilities suca as mini-fridge, a flat-screen TV and open-air rain shower. It offers free Wi-Fi and also Western breakfast and bike rental. The hotel feature windows that stretch across the length of the room. 

Relaxing on your balcony in our natural deluxe admiring the most peaceful sunset scenery is just not to be missed. 


2nd Floor Canal View Room (2 rooms), Ground Floor (Canal View Room (4 rooms), and Suite Room (1 room)



From € 59 p.r. 59

Baan Tye Wang Ayuthaya

From € 59 p.r.
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