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Short Programs > Thailand >  Bangkok >  4 Days Bangkok - Ayuthaya - Sukhothai - Chiang Mai - private

4 Days Bangkok - Ayuthaya - Sukhothai - Chiang Mai - private

Travel in 4 days from Bangkok to the north with stops in the old capital of Siam: Ayuthaya and Sukhothai. Travel by day train to mingle with the locals and whereby you will pass through ricefields, mountains the the Thai countryside.
Day 1 - Bangkok - Ayuthaya (-)
We will pick you up from your Bangkok hotel, airport or other central meeting place and transfer you by private car to the train station of Hua Lompong. Here you will take a day train to Ayuthaya which will take only 45 minutes. Step out and walk to your hotel which is located next to the Ayuthaya train station. Free at leisure and overnight in Ayuthaya.
Day 2 - Ayuthaya - Phitsanuloke - Sukhothai (breakfast)
After breakfast, in the morning you have time to visit some of the most important places and tempels in Ayuthaya on your own. Its easy to rent bicycles or to hire a private tuk tuk to bring you around.  Make sure you are back before noon time because then your train to Phitsanuloke will depart. Sit among the local Thai people and smell the fresh Thai countryside. Arrive Phitsanuloke, welcome and private transfer to the old capital of Sukhothai for the overnight.
Day 3 - Sukhothai (breakfast)
After breakfast, full day at leisure whereby you can visit the Sukhothai park on your own. Also here its easy to rent bicycles and cycle around this impressive old kingdom dating back to the year 1000 to 1200. Overnight in Sukhothai.
Day 4 - Sukhothai - Phitsanuloke - Chiang Mai (breakfast)
After breakfast, free at leisure till time to transfer to Phitsanuloke for the day train to Chiang Mai. Travel through the mountains and arrive Chiang Mai in the evening time.
*** End of your Central Day Train Journey ***

4 Days Bangkok - Ayuthaya - Sukhothai - Chiang Mai - private

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