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Hotels > Cambodia >  Battambang >  Battambang Resort - Hidden Charm

Battambang Resort - Hidden Charm

The luxurious Battambang Resort has been warmly welcoming guests, establishing its reputation as a small piece of paradise right

here in Cambodia. The beauty of Battambang provides the perfect setting for this very special resort. Located in the midst of

countless serene rice fields, local farmers can be seen tending to their daily work not far from the ancient village and famous bamboo



Guests at Battambang Resort can unwind after a busy day’s sight-seeing by taking a dip in our refreshing salt water pool or perhaps 

enjoy some soothing relaxation time in the jacuzzi. Step out of the pool and step into our fantastic restaurant located on the first floor

of the complex. From the comfort of the restaurant guests can enjoy fine views of the spacious tropical gardens, also an ideal place 

for taking a tranquil after-dinner walk.


Rooms: Garden Room / Lake Room / Family Room

Room Facilities: Battambang Resort offers spacious and modern rooms, each with private terrace and garden. The bathroom

provide a large rain shower. The rooms provide lake or garden views.  

         Bathroom with Rain Shower, WiFi Internet Access, Refrigerator, Coffee / Tea Making Facilities, International Direct Dialing,

         Telephone, In-Room Safe, Airconditioning, Fan


Facilities: Battambang Resort is located in the village Wat Cor. The resort is surrounded by rice fields and offers facilities, including

a large swimming pool, restaurant and bar. Bike rental services and ticketing arrangements can be made at the tour desk.

         Restaurant, Bar, Swimming Pool, Laundry and Ironing Service, Tours and Excursions, Bike Rental

Battambang Resort - Hidden Charm

From € 63 p.r.
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