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Hotels > Thailand >     Bhundhari Resort and Spa

Bhundhari Resort and Spa

Bhundhari Resort and Spa
Situated a short walk from the beach, Bhundhari Resort and Spa offers accommodation in Chaweng. The resort has a year-round outdoor pool and offers relaxing massages and treatments at the spa. Free WiFi is available in all areas. For added convenience, round-trip airport transfers are provided free of charge.
Room Type : Deluxe Villa, Deluxe Spa Villa, Deluxe Pool Villa and Deluxe Pool Villa Ocean View.
You will find a 24-hour front desk at the property. Thai and Western cuisines can be enjoyed at the restaurant. For refreshing cocktails and beers, visit the pool and beach bars.
Ark Bar Samui is 2.3 km from Bhundhari Resort and Spa, while KC Beach Club Chaweng is 3.2 km from the property. The nearest airport is Samui Airport, 2.5 km from the property. It is approximately 3.5 km from Chaweng city centre. 
Guests that stayed here are talking about these popular landmarks: The Green Mango Club, Chaweng Lake, and Solo Bar.
Facilities Swimming pool, Outdoor pool, Fitness centre, Airport shuttle (free), Free parking, Room service, 
                   Tea/coffee maker in all rooms, Bar, Breakfast, Beachfront

Bhundhari Resort and Spa

From € 152 p.r.
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