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Hotels > Thailand >  Kanchanaburi/River Kwai >  Binlha Raft River Kwai Sai Yok

Binlha Raft River Kwai Sai Yok

The elegant Binlha Raft Resort is more than just a normal raft room. It also has one of the top-rated locations in Sai Yok Noi River Kwai, Kanchananburi. The environment is peaceful among the River Kwai and jagged mountains. Guests can hear the sound of the reviver and can see groups of birds fly on clear sky.
Enjoy our popular activities and gives you an opportunity to experience nature in Sai Yok Noi, Kanchanaburi such as Bamboo Rafting, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Board, Elephant Riding, Elephant Bathing and much more.

Choose from two luxury room types and three impressive idyllic rooms, all designed in contemporary raft style. Step onto your balcony to feel fabulous nature of flowing River Kwai.
The room types availalbe are : Grand Deluxe Raft with Spa Bath, Deluxe Raft with Spa Bath, Raft Room with aircon, Deluxe Pool Villa and a Family Raft room.

Binlha Raft River Kwai Sai Yok

From € 70 p.r.
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