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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Samui >  Bo Phut Resort Koh Samui

Bo Phut Resort Koh Samui

From € 158 p.r. 158

Koh Samui is one of Thailand's loveliest tropical islands. Bo Phut Resort & Spa has earned an unparallel reputation for offering the most luxurious and secluded hideaway on Samui.
Bo Phut Resort & Spa is a fine attribute of traditional and contemporary Thai design, combining an exotic and tranquil setting. The resort is situated in the northern tip of the island, approximately 5 km. from Samui International Airport.
Our boutique resort is a perfect combination of distinctly designed accommodation in a setting of rare natural beauty which only Samui has to offer.

The resort is located on a superb beach of Bo Phut whilst surrounded by 7 acres of indigenous plantations. All 61 rooms including 32 villas and 29 deluxe rooms are designed in a Modern Thai style, featuring modern amenities such as separate shower and bathtub, satellite TV with movie channels , news and sport channels, DVD/CD player, in-room safe and, well stocked mini bar.

Our beach front restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. L' Ocean is a superb dining experience in a Mediterranean environment, offering a contemporary selection of local and international dishes throughout the day.

Our signature restaurant features an authentic Thai cuisine for dinner only.

The restaurant combines the best of classical Thai architecture in a romantic setting enhanced with live entertainment of "Khim", a traditional Thai music instrument, whilst overlooking a splendid lotus pond.

A visit to Bo Phut Spa is a supreme pampering experience, delivering heavenly comforts in a beautiful setting. A remarkable array of treatments is available to ensure the utmost pleasure of the guests. The finest ingredients and well-trained therapists are the component to deliver a state of utter bliss. The selection of spa menu is including massages, facial and body treatments, manicure and pedicure and more.

The astonishing diversity of treatments is essential to pampering and nourishing to physical and mental well-being.


The resort can arrange a full selection of activities. These include scuba diving, snorkeling trips, private boat charters, and dinner cruise.

Swimming Pool with Outdoor Jacuzzi
Children's pool
Table tennis
Fitness Center
Music & DVD movie
Library with internet stations

Santiburi Samui Country Club

Swinging away at Samui's First and only international golf course. ...it was 18 holes and 6,930 yards of sheer brilliance. I've never played any other golf course in Thailand that offers a comparably dramatic backdrop, or molds itself to the terrain in such harmony…

Krua Bo Phut

"Krua Bophut" is the authentic Thai restaurant located in the beautiful Fisherman Village on Bophut Beach. This royal Thai design is decorated by wood carving as a classically antique Thai house. The ambient, the serene indoor, the expanded outdoor, and on the beach, allows you to enjoy the tranquility of the beach, the twinkling star light, the whispering wave, and the drifting yachts along with the beautiful music.

From € 158 p.r. 158

Bo Phut Resort Koh Samui

From € 158 p.r.
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