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Hotels > Thailand >  Ayuthaya >  Busaba Ayutthaya Hostel

Busaba Ayutthaya Hostel

Busaba Ayutthaya Hostel is proudly accented the charming of Thai-style modernised of the classic 50-year-old Ayutthaya home, which is the concept that the hotel has revieved from originally. With distinctive design that holds the original close to the heart of it, this is the riverside cinematic atmosphere that can light up any vacation. 



Modern Ayutthaya mixed up with Thai aromatic are willingly to be embraced. Welcome to Ayutthaya's Charming. 

A buffet breakfast is available every morning at the property.

Boasting a shared kitchen, the property also provides guests with a terrace and its own Thai resturant. 



The rooms come with a balcony. Complete with a shared bathroom, all guest rooms at Busaba Ayutthaya are equipped with air conditioning, and certain rooms are fitted with a seating area. The units will provide guests with a microwave.

Deluxe Room, 6 beds Family Bunk Room, 8 beds Family Bunk Room, 1 bed in mix Dormitary Room, and

1 bed  in female Dormitary Room.




Airport Shuttle, Non-Smoking Rooms, Free Parking. Free Wifi, Family Rooms, Bar, and Breakfast


Busaba Ayutthaya Hostel

From € 25 p.r.
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