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Hotels > Vietnam >  Hanoi >  Calypso Suites Hotel - Hanoi

Calypso Suites Hotel - Hanoi


Calypso Suites Hotel features traditional French-style rooms with free Wi-Fi in Hanoi’s Old Quarter district. A 3-minute walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, it has a restaurant and 24-hour front desk.

Nearby attractions including Ngoc son Pagoda and Turtle Tower are also a 3-minute walk away. It takes 10-minutes by foot to reach Dong Xuan Market and Hanoi Opera House. Noi Bai International Airport is approximately a 45-minute drive away.


Featuring red and white themes, each room is elegantly decorated and features a flat-screen cable TV, safe and desk. Tea / Coffee maker, Haiedryers, Air conditioning, private bathroom, Direct Dial Telephon and bottled water are included.

Room Type : Superior Room, Deluxe Room, Junior Suite and Family Suite.


Calypso Suites Hotel provides a currency exchange, tour desk and ticket service for guests. Bicycle and car rental services are also available.


A buffet breakfast is served every morning at the hotel’s restaurant. 

Hoan Kiem is a great choice for travellers interested in shoppingstreet food and city walks.

Calypso Suites Hotel - Hanoi

From € 42 p.r.
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