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Short Programs > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  2 Days • Chiang Dao Chiang Mai hill tribes trekking

2 Days • Chiang Dao Chiang Mai hill tribes trekking

From Chiang Mai, experience a fantastic mountain trek, discovering small hill tribes villages and witnessing authentic rural life. A rich cultural experience and an active 2 day trip. The Doi Chiangdao mountain area provides wonderful scenic views of Thailand's third highest peak.

Highlights: Overnight stay at hill tribe village. Visit the Chiangdao caves. Elephant Riding and bamboo rafting. Suitable for families with young children. 

Day 1 : Trek, overnight in hill-tribe village 
Meet at your hotel in Chiang Mai at 08.30 AM and drive up north to Chiangdao area. Visit an elephant camp nestled in nice jungle surrounding.  Watch elephants bathing and demonstrating their remarkable talents. Proceed to the Chiangdao caves and Buddhist sanctuary where we will have lunch at local restaurant. Drive further to a village to begin our hike through the jungle and limestone peak, reaching  the Palong village. We spend the night at the Padang Lodge, a basic lodge settled in the nature. Enjoy a succulent Thai dinner. (Basic comfort). Meals : (-/L/D) 


Day 2 : Elephant ride. Bamboo raft 
After breakfast we enjoy an elephant-back ride around (about 1 hour) to reach a small Karen settlement. Continue our hike towards another village where our vehicle is waiting for us. Then experience bamboo raft down the Ping River. End the trip and drive back to Chiang Mai, visit enroute orchid farm in the valley of Maesa before arriving to Chiangmai. Drop off at hotel or airport. 
Meals : (B/L/-) 


Additional Info & Requirements:

* When packing for a trek, think about travelling light.

* Suitable for famillies with young children.

* Wear a good pair of running shoes or lightweight trekking shoes. 

* During Winter (December and January) add a fleece jacket and long pants, as temperatures can drop at night.

* Bring a small backpack which should contain the following items:

- 2 T-shirts (cotton)

- 1 pair of long pants. 1 pair of short pants

- 2 pairs of socks

- Sandals, flip-flops (for the evening in village)

- Towel (or sarong), swimming suit, toiletries

- Personal prescription drugs, contact lenses, glasses

- Sun-cream (waterproof), hat, sunglasses. Mosquito repellent

- 1 long sleeve sweater, or jogging suit

- Small flashlight

- Camera

- During the cold season (December and January) add a fleece jacket and long pants, as temperatures can drop at night.

2 Days • Chiang Dao Chiang Mai hill tribes trekking

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