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Hotels > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  Chiang Mai Gate Hotel, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Gate Hotel, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Gate Hotel is a 3 Star Hotel in Chiang Mai. The Hotel is situated in the prime location of Chiang Mai - the Wua Lai Community, an old silverware manufacturing community where the fascinating lifestyle and activities of the locals can be discovered and experienced. Chiang Mai Gate Hotel was founded to be a place that proudly expresses a love of Chiang Mai, its 700-year history and as well as its perfect blend of pristine natural resources, rich traditional heritage, unique culture, modern amenities and technology.


Chiang Mai Gate Hotel is conveniently located on Suriyarong Road, only 200 meters from the Chiang Mai Gate. The hotel is only a 10 minutes drive from Chiang Mai Airport and a 10 minute drive from the Night Bazaar. Yet, it is in a quiet area where guests can feel fully relaxed. Furthermore, the location is easily linked to shopping malls, middle ring and outer ring roads.

Chiang Mai Gate Hotel provides nicely decorated rooms in the traditional Lanna Thai style. Clean and comfortable are all air-conditioned and have a full range of facilities.


Room TypesStandard Room, Superior Room and Deluxe Room.

Room AmenitiesTelephone, Electricity 220 v, Mini bar, Remote controlled television and Good bathrooms.


Hotel facilitiesSwimming Pool (7 by 12 meter), Pool bar, Palm Tree Restaurant, Lobby Lounge, Meeting/Banquet Room, Reception (24 hours), Security (24 hours), Room Service and Laundry Service. 

Chiang Mai Gate Hotel, Chiang Mai

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