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Day tours > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School - joined program

Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School - joined program

When you are in Chiang Mai and you have a day to spare, why not take a class in Thai cooking. Thai cuisine is worldwide known and to learn the sills and secret tricks and tips will make you a Thai masterchef in a day. Impress yourself and all the people at home by fulfilling a 1 day cooking course. 

The Beginner Courses

Duration : 10.00 – 16.00 (Daily)

There are 5 different courses which are taught beginning at 10:00am until approximatey 16:00pn every day. Each course has been designed to be given once per day, so that the students will have plenty of time to learn all the main techniques for cooking Thai food no matter which course they choose to attend. If they are taking more than a one-day course, then they will receive more hands on practice and learn additional techniques and skils for cooking Thai food from Master Chef Sompon Nabnian.

The classes are appropriate for people who have some experience with Thai cooking and also for complete beginners. The menus have been especially formulated to teach about the many different cooking techniques used in cooking Thai food. For those who require alternative ingredients for vegetarian or special diets, we will provide them when requested.

All the courses begin with a morning activity such as shopping at the market, an introduction to Thai ingredients, paste making or vegetable carving. After the morning activity then the clients will cook 4 dishes. Each dish will be demonstrated by Chef Sompon or highly qulaified instructors who all speak excellent English.

Our knowlefeable staff will also give some unique tips about alternative cooking methods and substitutes throughout the demonstrations. The students will then cook each dish themselves and the instructors will be on hand to help and guide them through the process with step-by-step instructions.

Once the students have completed 4 dishes in the morning, they will break for lunch to relax to eat the fruits of thier hard work. After lunch they will make 2 more dishes and then eat once again. Expect to be full by the end of the day!!!

Example Itinerary (Estimated Time) :

09.20 – 09.50     Pick up clients from their accommodations

10.00 – 11.00     Morning activity

11.00 – 13.30   :   Cooking morning dishes (4 dishes)

13.30 – 14.00   :   Lunch

14.00 – 15.30   :   Cooking afternoon dishes (2 dishes)

15.30 – 16.00   :   Eating afternoon dishes and transfer back

16.30 – 17.00   :   Arrival at the accommodation

** Half Day Beginner Class start from : 10.00 a.m. - 14.30 p.m.

** Full Day Beginner Class start from : 10.00 a.m. - 16.00 p.m.

Our Beginner Courses Offered :

CMTCS 101 - An Introduction to Thai Ingredients

Morning Activity : The teacher will display a tray of ingredients and will go through each one and explain how to prepare, storing techniques as well as an altenatives that can be used. Most of this information is already in the cookbook.

Morning Dishes :

Thai Hot and Sour Prawn Soup : Tom Yam Goong and Green Curry with Chicken : Geang Keaiw Waan Gai

Thai Fried Noodles : Phad Thai and Thai Style Fish Cakes : Tord Man Plaa


Afternoon Dishes : 

Minced Chicken Salad : Laab Gai and Water Chesnut with Suger Syrup : Tab Tim Grorb - Dessert

CMTCS 102 - Making Thai Curry Pastes

Morning Activity : Making “Panaeng Curry Paste” by using a pestle and mortar. The ingredients will need to be prepared first and then ground to a paste and the teacher will be on hand to help everybody.

Morning Dishes :

Panaeng Curry with Pork : Geang Panaeng Moo and Chiang Mai Curry with Chicken : Geang Hunglay Gai

Fried Fish with Chilli and Basil : Plaa Laad Prick and Sweet and Sour Vegetables : Phad Preiw Waan Pak


Afternoon Dishes :

Spicy Glass Noodle Salad : Yam Woon Sen and Black Sticky Rice Pudding : Khao Neaw Dum Piek - Dessert

CMTCS 103 - Tour of the Local Market

Morning Activity : Visiting the local market and learning all about the different vegetables, herbs, roots and spices being sold, so they can actually see what these raw products look like before they are cooked.

Morning Dishes :

Chichen in Coconut Milk Sour : Tom Kha Gai and Red Curry with Fish : Geang Ped Plaa

Fried Mixed Mushroom with Baby Corns : Phad Hed Horm and Fried Big Noodles with Thick Sauce : Laad Nah


Afternoon Dishes :

Papaya Salad & Sticky Rice : Som Tam & Khao Neaw and Steamed Banana Cake : Kha Nom Glauy - Dessert


Morning Activity : Learning all about how to select ingredients that are fresh for their cooking. Each student will have their own shopping list and pick up the ingredients that written on their lists. The payment will be taking care by teacher.

Morning Dishes :

Yellow Curry with Chicken : Geang Garee Gai and Steamed Fish in Banana Leaves : Hor Neung Plaa

Chicken with Cashew Nuts : Gai Phad Med Mamuang and Fried Big Noodles with Sweet Soy Sauce : Phad Seiiw


Afternoon Dishes :

Spicy Prawn Salad : Plaah Goong and Bananas in Coconut Milk : Gluay Baud Chee - Dessert

CMTCS 105 - Vegetable Carving 

Morning Activity : Learning all about the basics techniques of carving including how to use the carving knives. Also hand on to make flowers and leaves from difference vegetables.

Morning Dishes :

Clear Soup with Minced Pork : Tom Jued and Spring Rolls : Paw Pia Tord

Roast Duck Curry : Geang Phed Ped Yang and Chicken with Ginger : Gai Phad King


Afternoon Dishes :

Chicken in Pandanus Leave : Gai Hor Bai Toey and Mango with Sticky Rice : Khao Neow Mamuang - Dessert

Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School - joined program

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