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Chillax Resort


Chillax Resort is just over a quarter mile from Khoasan Road. Featuring an infinity pool, the hotel has free Wi-Fi throughout the property. Free private parking is available on site. The hotel is one kilometer from Democracy Monument. Grand Palace is one kilometer from the hotel, and Wat Pho Temple is one kilometer away.


With a spa tub, each air-conditioned room features a TV, balcony, minibar and private bathroom with shower facilities and free toiletries.


Room Type : Superior Double / Twin, Deluxe Double / Twin and Premier Double.

For extra convenience, there is a 24-hour front desk. The hotel also includes baggage storage and safe. A fitness center is also available.


A wide range of Thai cuisine can be enjoyed at Pha Nakhon restaurant.

Facilities : Free WiFi, Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center, Non-smoking Rooms, Spa, Restaurant and Bar.

Chillax Resort

From € 74 p.r.
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