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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Lanta >  Crown Lanta Resort & Spa

Crown Lanta Resort & Spa


Crown Lanta Resort & Spa offers a luxury accommodation, extensive services, and private beach, where its property is only 1 minute walk from the Pra-ae beach or Longbeach. It is ideally situated on an elevated peninsula in Ko Lanta, offering views of Andaman Sea. Free WiFi access is available.


Designed in modern Thai style with amazing sea views, rooms are clean, spacious and feature pool access or views. All rooms include full bathroom amenities, complimentary coffee/tea making facilities, and a fridge.


Room Type : Gazebo Deluxe Room, Elegance Deluxe Room and Pool Access Deluxe Room.

Some facilities at Crown Lanta include restaurants and a bar, free mountain bikes, kayaks, snorkelling gear, and a gym.


Guests can make use of transfers from the Airport in Krabi and shuttle transfers to Saladan centre (10 minute drive away) where shops, restaurants, convenience stores, and banks are located.


Facilities : Free WiFi, Outdoor Pool, Airport Shuttle, Fitness Centre, Spa, Free Parking, Restaurant and Private Beach Area. 

Crown Lanta Resort & Spa

From € 98 p.r.
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