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Hotels > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  De Lanna Hotel - Chiang Mai

De Lanna Hotel - Chiang Mai


This boutique hotel offering contemporary Thai rooms with a private balcony and free Wi-Fi. Situated a 5-minute walk from Chiang Mai’s Sunday Walking Street, it houses an outdoor saltwater pool and a restaurant.


Spacious air-conditioned rooms feature northern Thai furnishings and a seating area. The modern rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a DVD player. Private bathrooms come with a rainshower and Thai herbal toiletries.


Room Type : Superior Room, Deluxe Room and Honeymoon Suite.

De Lanna Hotel is 300 m from Three Kings Monument and the City Art and Cultural Centre. The Chiang Mai International Airport is 3 km away.


De Lanna Restaurant serves a variety of local and international dishes. For drinks, guests can head to the poolside bar. In-room dining is possible.

Facilities : Free WiFi, Outdoor Pool, Airport Shuttle, Non-smoking Rooms, Restaurant, Room Service and Bar.

De Lanna Hotel - Chiang Mai

From € 71 p.r.
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