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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Samui >  First Bungalow Beach Resort - Koh Samui

First Bungalow Beach Resort - Koh Samui


This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. Featuring an outdoor pool and a restaurant, First Bungalow Beach Resort is in Chaweng Beach. Free Wi-Fi access is available in this resort.

The resort is 1.6 km from Petbuncha Thai Boxing Stadium and 4.8 km from Samui Airport. On-site parking is available.


The accommodations includes cable TV and air conditioning. Complete with a refrigerator, the dining area also has an electric kettle. Featuring a shower, private bathroom comes with a bathtub and free toiletries. Some rooms have a sea view and a pool view.

Room Type : First Room Building, Deluxe Room Building, Poolside Bungalow and Beach Bungalow.


At First Bungalow Beach Resort there's a private beach area. Other facilities available at the property include a ticket service, a tour desk and luggage storage. The property provides free parking.


Facilities : Swimming Pool, Free WiFi, Outdoor Pool, Airport Shuttle, Restaurant, Free Parking, Bar and Private Beach Area.

First Bungalow Beach Resort - Koh Samui

From € 63 p.r.
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