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Day tours > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Ayutthaya & Bang Pa In our 'Local way' - Private & full day

Ayutthaya & Bang Pa In our 'Local way' - Private & full day

From € 43 p.p. 43

Experience our Ayuthaya & Bang Pa In private local tour with guide, a new, unique and rewarding way to travel. 

Our unique Ayuthaya & Bang Pa In private tour is designed for those travelers who are looking for a unique experience in Ayuthaya, the old capital, with the help of a local guide.

You will be picked up at your hotel to travel by local transport such as BTS and MRT to the train station. Today you will travel the local way, you will feel local!

You will visit the summer palace of King Rama V, cross the river using a typical cable cabin and board a boat that will take you to Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand. During the boat ride, you will see the local life on the riverbanks, feel the magnificence of the Chao Phraya River and stop at Ban Hollanda, a former Dutch settlement where you could enjoy some snacks.


On arrival at Ayuthaya, you could choose to explore the city by bike (highly recommended) or tuk-tuk, you will have the afternoon to discover the ancient ruins and temples that are still a very important cultural sight in Thailand and will enjoy a delicious lunch in a local restaurant alonside the river. At the end of the program, you will visit a local market before returning to the train station to catch your train back to Bangkok.

Note: for more convenience, you can choose to return to Bangkok by train and brough from train station in Bangkok by BTS to your hotel or to take a private transfer from Ayutthaya to your hotel. 

From € 43 p.p. 43

Ayutthaya & Bang Pa In our 'Local way' - Private & full day

From € 43 p.p.
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