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Hotels > Thailand >  Bangkok >  FuramaXclusive Sathorn - Bangkok

FuramaXclusive Sathorn - Bangkok

From € 61 p.r. 61


Located in the heart of Silom, FuramaXclusive Sathorn, Bangkok offers boutique-style accommodation with free Wi-Fi and facilities including an outdoor swimming pool with sundecks. It is a 3-minute walk from Chong Nonsi BTS skytrain station.

FuramaXclusive Sathorn is situated within 1 km from Silom MRT station.


Rooms at FuramaXclusive feature a cosy contemporary deco, with warm lighting and elegant wood flooring. Each air-conditioned room comes with a balcony, a well-equipped pantry and a seating area. They also have satellite TV, a DVD player and a work desk.

Room Type Deluxe Room and Premier Room.

There is a 24-hour front desk for guests' convenience. The residence also offers concierge services for guests.


International cuisine can be enjoyed at the hotel’s L’avenue Restaurant where indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Facilities : Free WiFi, Airport Shuttle, Outdoor Pool, Non-smoking Rooms, Fitness Centre and Free Parking.

From € 61 p.r. 61

FuramaXclusive Sathorn - Bangkok

From € 61 p.r.
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