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Hotels > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Grand Swiss Sukhumvit 11

Grand Swiss Sukhumvit 11

New Modern 4 Star Hotel in Sukhumvit, Bangkok – Grand Swiss Hotel Sukhumvit 11

For a truly modern and relaxing experience at the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Swiss 4 star hotel on Sukhumvit offers a delightful balance of comfort and style in an ideal location. With 5 room types to choose from, and a wide selection of in-house activities (fitness center, swimming pool, free in-house Wi-Fi and a TV in every room), Grand Swiss provides guests with all the features you’d expect from a high-quality, convenient hotel on Sukhumvit.

For travellers looking for a conveniently located hotel near shopping, bangkok’s Grand Swiss is a conveniently located hotel, near MRT Sukhumvit. As an easy access hotel, near BTS as well as MRT stations, our location makes Bangkok accessible for tourists as well as business travelers. As well, our on-site facilities feature Swiss specialty fare, along with international and Thai cuisine. 


Find your home away from home in our 144 guest rooms and suites of elegant furnishings. With five room types to choose from, you can enjoy the luxurious ambiance as well as the city view through our floor-to-ceiling windows. Located at just the beginning of Sukhumvit Soi 11, you will have easy access to Bangkok's most popular and vibrant entertainment scenes as well as being close to the Nana BTS Skytrain Station.

Grand Swiss Sukhumvit 11

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