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Day tours > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Green World Bangkok Bike Tour - Half Day Private

Green World Bangkok Bike Tour - Half Day Private

From € 36 p.p. 36

Discover our private biking program in Bang Krachao, commonly known as the Green Lung of Bangkok, a place which has managed to withstand the change of time in a rapidly developing city. The tour will take you passed beautiful temples, a great market (weekend only), a local school and the wonderful beauty of the Thai nature nestled in the heart of Bangkok and surrounded by the mighty Chao Phraya River. A green, new and rewarding way to explore the capital city.

We will pick you up from your hotel and will travel through the city using local transport. On arrival at the pier, you will embark on a little longtail boat and cross the river while watching the unbelievable skyline of Bangkok. You will feel in the heart of the capital, at the crossroad of two world.

On arrival at Bang Krachao, your bikes are waiting for you. Now everything is green, authentic and quiet. You just step inside a new universe.

After a check upon the bikes and a short safety instruction we will take off to the unknown! We will cycle through small alleys and we will discover and learn about the daily life on Bang Krachao, find a hidden temple in the plantation, meet some smiley faces at the local school, enjoy a small local snack in a typical local place to refill your energy...

Look up! You are surrounded by jackfruit, mango, coconut, dragon fruit trees... Look down! You are escorted by turtles, colourful lezards, frogs, butterflies...

During the weekend we will visit Bang Nam Peung market, venture through the alleys of local crafts, discover a teak wood house and stop for lunch to enjoy a wide range of tasty Thai food. Outside the weekend we will swoop down in a local restaurant accompanied by local workers.

We will stop by the Mangrove Forest and visit a park where an old story of the fighting fish is born before venturing inside the huge wetland style of the big park of Bangkok, covering an extensive area of 111,000 sqaure meters, with wonderful nature and great sights to take amazing pictures. 
When returned to the bike shop, you will cross the river back to the metropolis where a private minivan will bring you back to your hotel or any other destination within Bangkok. 
08:30 AM - Pick up from your hotel and transfer to the bike shop by local transport. 
09:00/15 AM - Arrival at the bike shop and the option to check your bikes and breaks. From here onwards we will go to explore the green area just outside the city centre. During the bike tour the  guide will show you many interresting places and because it is a private tour, you can stop at any time for picture or an investigation of the scenery. 
11:30 AM - Time for a light local lunch snack. In the weekend their is a local floating market where we will stop. During the weekdays we will stop at a local restaurant for small light Thai lunch snack.
13:30 AM - We arrive back at the bike shop, cross the river back to the Metropolis where a private minivan will bring you back to your hotel or an other destination in Bangkok City.
This program can also be done in the afternoon.
From € 36 p.p. 36

Green World Bangkok Bike Tour - Half Day Private

From € 36 p.p.
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