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Hotels > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  Hmong Hilltribe Lodge - Chiang Mai

Hmong Hilltribe Lodge - Chiang Mai


Nestled among the mountains and rice fields of Mae Rim, Hmong Hilltribe Lodge offers rooms, spread throughout 10 main houses. Rooms share a communal living area, complete with open fireplace.


The simply furnished rooms at Lodge Hmong Hilltribe are decorated with wooden furniture and traditional Hmong quilts. Each is equipped with a private bathroom, private balcony and work desk.


Room Type : Standard, Superior and Deluxe.

Guests of Hmong Lodge can enjoy a barbeque and dinner buffet under the stars at the open-air restaurant. After dinner, there are traditional Hmong dances and performances.


Hilltribe Lodge features a unique outdoor swimming pool, set amongst the rice fields. For relaxation, there are also spa and massage treatments available.


Facilities : Free Parking and Outdoor Pool.

Hmong Hilltribe Lodge - Chiang Mai

From € 85 p.r.
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