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Hotel Accord Yangon

Hotel Accord offers minimalistic elegance with modern experience and does not compromise on one of the most important elements of the hotel – the comfort of guests.

While the best of Yangon is a few minutes from our doors, our hotel offers a serene abode from the city’s buzz. Spread out over 8 floors, our 64 modern guest rooms and suites features comfortable bedding, hot and cold showers, LED flat-screen TVs and fiber optics WI-FI. On-site amenities include 2 meeting rooms and a business center, where business travellers can still be productive while being away from office.

Guests will find Hotel Accord an ideal place to stay at a great value for work, play and shopping in Yangon.


Hotel Accord is just minutes away to the city center. Within 2 km radius from Hotel Accord areshopping and majorattractions, which include Shwe Dagon Pagoda, Bogyoke Market, Junction Square Shopping Center, Dagon Shopping Center, GaMonePwint Shopping Center, Myanmar Culture Valley and many delicious restaurants.

As a part of Hotel Accord experience, we have specifically designed 5 type of rooms. All our rooms come with ensuite bathroom with large mirror and clothes rack, air-conditioner, free fibre optics WI-FI, LED TV, fresh linens, hair dryer, electric kettle, basic toiletries, working table and a study chair.


For the active traveller, this room offers the essentials and comfort a traveller needs for a restful stay.


Designed with the business traveller in mind, this room offers an ideal setting for work, cozy living


Experience comfort in our suites with living room and soak up in our hot and cold-water bathtub.

Executive Suite

Experience refined luxury in our spacious suites with a luxurious king sized bed, hot and cold-water

Executive Family Suite

Designed with family travellers in mind, this room offers 2 separate bedrooms

Front Office

Our front desk is open 24 hours everyday. We offer great suggestions for your travel, shopping, dining and miscellaneous needs in Yangon so do approach our friendly faces if you need anything.


Enjoy complimentary buffet breakfast every morning at our restaurant. For other timings, enjoy a wide range of menu from eastern and western cuisines.

Business Center

Our front office team on shift is trained to assist with business services during the non-operating hours of the business center. For more information on local knowledge guest can visit Duty Manager at Front Office 24 hours a day.

Meeting Rooms

We offer you an office away from office. Guests at Hotel Accord can fully utilize the meeting room to finish off those urgent jobs, training days or small meetings.

Our meeting room can fit up to 50 participants.

Transportation Options

We’re in the heart of Yangon city– if you’re arriving at the airport, a short trip by car or taxi is the best way to find Hotel Accord.

Our fantastic location means that if you’re planning on sticking around the local area, there’s plenty to access on foot – restaurants, shops, malls and more are all within easy walking distance. Yangon is not short on cabs to take you that extra mile – just give us a call or pop by the front desk and we will be happy to assist you!


Hotel Accord Yangon

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