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Hotels > Thailand >  Hua-Hin/ Cha-Am >  Hua Hin White Sand Hotel

Hua Hin White Sand Hotel

Hua-Hin White Sand Hotel provides 3-star treatment for our guests who stay in 1-beadroom suites or double rooms. We offer a full

hotel service in a relaxed manner designed to generate the feeling of home living and security - at a price that gives real value for
Located just five minutes from the beach. The hotel is in a superb location for guests who like to have easy access to restaurants,
pubs and beer gardens while on holiday.


All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped whith a refrigerator , cable TV , hot water, bathtubs, The furnishings are in traditional Thai
style and American King size beds are a feature in each room.

Rooms Type

            Deluxe Room

            Deluxe Room Terrace

            One Bed Room Suite

            One Bed Room Suite Balcony

            Family Suite

            Two Bed Room Suite

Room Features


            Cable TV

            King size bedroom

            Bathtubs & Modern Style Restroom

            Hot Water


            Internet Hi-Speed WiFi Service





            Transfer from / to the airport





            Coffee bar


Hua Hin White Sand Hotel

From € 51 p.r.
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