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Hotels > Cambodia >  Siem Reap >  La Da Kiri Boutique Hotel

La Da Kiri Boutique Hotel

La Da Kiri Boutique Hotel is a modern style hotel, where guests may enjoy a relaxing massage at the La Da Spa or rent a bicycle, tuk tuk and car to explore the Siem Reap's area. The La Da Kiri Boutique hotel offers cozy and comfortable accommodation with free WiFi access in the entire property. Operating 24-hour front desk, it features an outdoor pool and free parking on site.Offering air-conditioned rooms come with tiled flooring, a wardrobe, in-room safe, and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The ensuite bathroom includes bathtub or shower, slippers and hairdryer.

The restaurant serves a variety of Cambodian and Western dishes. Room service is also provided. The poolside bar are offers a selection of cocktails, wines and local beverages.


Centrally located in the heart of Siem Reap town, The hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the famous Old market, Pub Street and 100 metres from Angkor Night Market. The renowned Angkor Wat Temple the UNESCO World heritage site is 6.6 km away, while Siem Reap International Airport is accessible with a 7 km drive.

La Da Kiri Boutique Hotel

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