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Hotels > Thailand >  Chiang Rai/ Golden Triangle >  Laluna Hotel and Resort - Chiang Rai

Laluna Hotel and Resort - Chiang Rai

Laluna Hotel and Resort of Thailand is a 3 Star Hotel situated amongst the beautiful garden of Chiang Rai. It takes 2 minutes from Bus Station and 15 minutes from Chiang Rai International Airport.
Laluna Hotel and Resort is nestled in a beautiful garden amid a prime location of Chiang Rai. The warm and friendly family management will cater to all your needs to make your stay at Laluna Hotel and Resort all the more memorable.
Also, Laluna Hotel & Resort, Chiang Rai allows guests to unwind during their vacation in Thailand. With additional features to keep guests busy during their stay, this property provides Guests can spend their precious time at Jacuzzis, massage, outdoor swimming pools and recreational facilities.
The hotel boasts 79 modern Thai style houses that are fully equipped with international standard facilities, free form swimming pool and mini beautiful restaurant. With its fully range of facilities, Laluna Hotel and Resort ensures all guests  the utmost in comfort and  privacy during their stay.
Room Type : Garden Bungalow and Pool View Bungalow
Facilities : Free WiFi, Free Parking, Bar and Restaurent, Outdoor Pool and Room Service

Laluna Hotel and Resort - Chiang Rai

From € 37 p.r.
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