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Hotels > Thailand >  Sukhothai/ Phitsanulok >  Legendha Sukhothai Resort

Legendha Sukhothai Resort

From € 68 p.r. 68


Legendha Sukhothai Hotel is located on the bank of Mae Rampan Canal, just 10 minutes’ walk to Sukhothai Historic Park. It offers spacious rooms with canal, temple or courtyard views.


Rooms at Legendha Sukhothai have traditional Thai furnishings and teak wood furniture. Every room enjoys a private balcony and a private bathroom.


Room Type : Superior, Deluxe and Two-Bedroom Villa.

Hotel Legendha provides a cooling outdoor pool, surrounded by sun loungers and deck chairs. For relaxation, massages are also available.


The Legendha Hotel offers free onsite parking and bicycle rental services. It is ideally located for exploring Sukhotha Historical Park and natural surroundings.


Facilities : Free WiFi, Free Parking, Airport Shuttle, Non-smoking Rooms and Restaurant on Site.

From € 68 p.r. 68

Legendha Sukhothai Resort

From € 68 p.r.
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