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Hotels > Vietnam >  Hue >  Mondial Hotel Hue Vietnam

Mondial Hotel Hue Vietnam

From € 46 p.r. 46
Mondial Hotel Hue Vietnam is a modern luxurious hotel, conveniently located in center of Hue city, with major attractions surrounding the area such as the Perfume river. 
With 106 spacious, comfortable and luxurious rooms and Suite, The Mondial hotel Hue Vietnam is designed to appeal to leisure and business travellers. Furthermore, the hotel boasts Huong Xuan Restaurant on the top floor with comforting ambience and magnificent views of the Perfume river which serves a combination of authentic local and international dishes.
Accomodation with luxurious designed and well-equipped with balcony overlooking the romantic Perfume river and city view. Providong lots of guest room' amentities in these following:
  • Wireless Internet
  • Tea bag and coffee making facilities Air-conditioning (complimentary)
  • Direct dial telephone
  • Satellite/ cable color TV
  • Safe deposit box in room
  • Electronic Key card system
  • Writing desk
  • Marble bathroom with separate tub and shower section
  • Hair dryer
  • Mini Bar
  • Electronic smoke detector and sprinkler system
  • Bath robes and shoe-shine
  • Laundry and dry cleaning service
Swimming pool
Coffee Lounge

Huong Xuan Restaurant with European, Asian dishes, and those from the 3 regions of Vietnam

Mondial Restaurant : European, Asian dishes

From € 46 p.r. 46

Mondial Hotel Hue Vietnam

From € 46 p.r.
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