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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Phangan >  Maehaad Bay Resort - Koh Phangan

Maehaad Bay Resort - Koh Phangan

On the sandy Mae Haad Beach, the Maehaad Bay Resort has cozy rooms with a private balcony. This property has a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, and free Wi-Fi.

The elegant non-smoking rooms at Maehaad Resort have modern Thai décor and hardwood floors. All well-furnished rooms include a flat-screen TV, personal safe and a shower.

Offering sweeping views of the sea, the open-air Maehaad Bay restaurant serves Thai and international dishes. Other dining choices include refreshing cocktails at the Pool Bar.

Guests can take a walk in the landscaped grounds or relax on the terrace. For convenience, the hotel provides safes at the front desk.

Resort Maehaad Bay is 12.1 km from Thong Sa La Pier and 19.3 km from Haad Rin Beach. Thong Nai Parn Beach is 27.4 km away.

Maehaad Bay Resort - Koh Phangan

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