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Hotels > Thailand >  Kamphaeng Phet >  Maeping Mango Riverside Resort

Maeping Mango Riverside Resort

Maeping Mango Riverside Resort is a registered hotel with a beautiful riverside restaurant in the historic town of Kamphaeng Phet, on the Asia Highway halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The name “Maeping Mango” refers to the resort’s position on the banks of the Ping River and to a giant mango tree on the property. Maeping is the Thai name for the Ping River. It comes from mae nam, meaning river (mae means mother and nam means water). Maeping is a contraction ofMae Nam Ping.

Maeping Mango Riverside Resort is built on the Ping River, in a garden setting. It consists of 10 rooms in five bungalows, each with two rooms, connected by a long balcony. The design of the resort is inspired by a style of architecture used in and near Bangkok in the early 1900s, during the reigns of King Rama V and Rama VI. A feature of the resort of that all exterior doors and windows have been fashioned specially for this building from recycled teak.

In keeping with the historical design theme, the resort is built on high piers. Each room has its own outdoor seating area, where guests can relax and enjoy the river and garden views. All rooms are large, comfortable and well appointed. Three of the rooms have twin beds; seven have king-size double beds. Two of the bungalows are set up for families. The rooms are connected and can be booked together in a Family Bungalow package. Our room rates include Western- or Thai-style breakfast. All areas of the resort and restaurant areas are accessible by wheelchair. Free Wifi is available throughout the resort and restaurant – in guest rooms, the garden, Baan Nichapa restaurant, the Garden Bar and the riverside dining areas. The room rate also includes full daily housekeeping services. Maeping Mango has its own laundry, to ensure that clean bed covers, sheets and towels are always available.

Maeping Mango Riverside Resort

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