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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Lanta >  Moonlight Exotic Bay Resort Koh Lanta

Moonlight Exotic Bay Resort Koh Lanta

Moonlight Exotic Bay Resort is boasting a traditional Thai architecture and décor, and offering views of the Andaman Sea, Koh Lanta, where there has one of the most beautiful glizzering sandy beach and crystal clear ocean in Thailand. 

The resort has a restaurant and free WiFi. All air-conditioned rooms at the resorts are fitted with a balcony with views of the river, sea or tropical jungle. Each room comes with a TV, safety deposit box and tea/coffee making facilities.


For recreational activities, guests can also head to outdoor pool for a dip, or snorkel at the hotel beach.Dining options include the on-site Rocky Bar & Restaurant, which serves a variety of Western and Thai dishes.


Hilltop, Seaview, Beachfront, Family, Pool acess. Pool view.



The facilities and services at our resort in Koh Lanta ensure a stay that’s as stress-free, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Exceptionally friendly and experienced staff at MOONLIGHT Exotic Bay Resort caters to the needs of guest by providing an extensive range of services and facilities. All areas are designed to make you feel comfortable and cozy yet part of what luxury accommodation should be.




Moonlight Exotic Bay Resort Koh Lanta

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