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Hotels > Thailand >  Krabi/ Aonang >  Railay Princess Resort & Spa - Krabi

Railay Princess Resort & Spa - Krabi


Railay Princess Resort & Spa is a 4-minute walk from the beach. Just a 5-minute walk to Phranang Cave beach on the peaceful East Railay Bay, this hotel provides an outdoor swimming pool and rooms with a private balcony.


Rooms at the Railay Princess Resort & Spa have Thai-style furnishings and include satellite TV, a sitting area and a private balcony with garden and pool views.

Room Type : Superior Room, Deluxe Room and Grand Deluxe Room.


Guests can enjoy a relaxing Thai massage at the Waree Spa. The Railay Princess also has an outdoor swimming pool, where guests can relax on lounge chairs.

The Princess Restaurant serves Thai and international dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients.


Facilities :  Free WiFi, Outdoor Pool, Room Service, Tour Desk, Non-smoking Rooms, Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Spa and Bar.

Railay Princess Resort & Spa - Krabi

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