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Hotels > Cambodia >  Koh Kong >  Rainbow Lodge Tatai Koh Kong

Rainbow Lodge Tatai Koh Kong

This riverside eco-lodge offers comfortable bungalows with great views, and makes for a great base to explore the beautiful jungle surrounds.


Set in the jungle in the South Cardamom Mountains near to the impressive Tatai waterfall, in the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor.


The Lodge provides 7 en-suite bungalows comprising of 3 double, 3 twins and one family unit, all with their own private balcony.

Room Amenities


            CD player

            DVD player

            WiFi Internet

            Safe box


            Mosquito net

            Extra Beds

            Terrace/balcony (private)


            Complimentary toiletries




            Room service

            Vegetarian menu


            Lunch by arrangement

            Dinner by arrangement



            WIFI internet

            Guest computer

            DVD library

            Pets welcome by arrangement

            Airport Transfers

Rainbow Lodge Tatai Koh Kong

From € 84 p.r.
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