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Hotels > Cambodia >  Siem Reap >  Rambutan Hotel - Siem Reap

Rambutan Hotel - Siem Reap


The Rambutan Hotel, the Hotel accommodation comprises our Standard Villas, which are mostly on two levels; one has the bed and bathroom whilst the other floor provides a living room and private balcony. All are furnished in a comfortable Cambodian style. The balcony, with cozy chairs and hammock, overlooks the garden, pool or surrounding area. The Standard Villas surround a tropical garden with swimming pool and waterfall. There are deck chairs available so you can enjoy the sun, a cocktail or just relax in the shade of a palm tree. We have an excellent restaurant that serves all morning breakfast, tasty lunch and dinner. You can enjoy your meals in our cozy restaurant areas, or in the private atmosphere of your own room or balcony. Just call to order. Rambutan Hotel caters for the independent traveler who wants some privacy and luxury with a personal touch.


Most Standard Villas have two floors. On one floor there is a large bedroom with queen-size bed, bathroom with rain-shower, reading chair and writing desk, all in a comfortable modern Khmer style.


The other level has a living room with lounge chairs and a ceiling fan. A connecting balcony is furnished with a hammock and relaxing chairs, and provides wide views over the garden, surrounding area or pool. 

Facilities: Private balcony, Outdoor Hammock and relaxing chairs, TVs with 90 satellite channels, Complimentary wireless internet access, Air conditioning, Ceiling Fan, Electronic safe, DVD Player (on request), Mini bar with wines, beers and soft drinks, Hairdryer, 
Customized toiletries, Writing desk, Couch, Reading chair, Strict child policy.


The Rambutan Restaurants are located at the Resort and the Hotel. They serve both a wide variety of Western and Khmer favorites. Our fantastic cooking team is one of the best in Siem Reap and, for sure, one of the cutest. The team consists of 3 young people, each of whom, studied in one of the qualified hospitality schools of Siem Reap.

Rambutan Hotel - Siem Reap

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