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Short Programs > Thailand >  Bangkok >  3 Days • River Kwai Delight Program

3 Days • River Kwai Delight Program

A great 3 day program to visit the beatifull nature and stay close to the Kwai Noi river with this joined program at the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. 

Day 1 Bangkok - Kanchanaburi (L, D)

Early morning pick up from your hotel in Bangkok Downtown Area. Depart for Kanchanaburi. Visit to War Museum (Thailand-Burma Railway Centre), War Cemetery and River Kwai Bridge. Take a long-tail boat from pier to get to the River Kwai Jungle Rafts, Resotel or The Floathouse, passing by unspoiled mountainous jungle scenery.  Check-in on arrival. Lunch will be served. Take a long-tailed boat upstream to visit to the nearby ethnic Mon Tribal Village. (Optional tour: Elephant riding through the bamboo forest). Dinner, followed by a 45-minute presentation of Mon Dance and overnight at the one of the hotels.

Day 2  River Kwai

Breakfast at the hotel. Take an exciting boat ride downstream to Resotel Pier and continue to visit to the Hell Fire Pass Memorial. Lunch. Afternoon at leisure. Dinner and overnight at River Kwai Jungle Rafts, Resotel or The Floathouse.

Day 3 River Kwai - Bangkok (B, L)

After breakfast relax in paradise at your leisure. Check-out and depart for Lunch at pier. Take a historic ride on Death Railway Train, passing lush forest. Continue by air-conditioned vehicle to Bangkok. Arrive in Bangkok and transfer to hotel

The 3 hotels offered will provide you with three different experiences.

The most adventurous hotel is the Jungle Rafts a River Kwai. It is a traditional and close-to-nature experience, there is no use of electricity and the rooms are being cooled by the river passing by. This hotel was awarded as specialty lodge. It is worth the visit!

The Resotel at River Kwai provides you with a natural and stunning landscape along the River Kwai. There are many recreational activities available at the hotel.
Finally, if you want to treat yourself with a luxury hotel next to the world famous river Kwai, the FloatHouse is the right place to go! Entirely made of teckwood and bamboo with wooden furnitures, it is the world's most extraordinary floating hotel.

3 Days • River Kwai Delight Program

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