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Hotels > Thailand >  Pattaya/ Rayong >  Royal Cliff Beach Hotel

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel


Luxurious beach vacations await within the exclusive grounds of Royal Cliff Beach Hotel. This award-winning 5-star resort offers mountain or sea view rooms, 11 dining options and several outdoor pools with sunken bars.


Situated 800 m from historic Wat Khao Phra Bat, Royal Cliff Beach Hotel is a luxurious resort located a 10-minute drive from the bustling Pattaya city centre.


Featuring modern Thai-style decor, Royal Cliff Beach Hotel’s air-conditioned rooms offer the comfort of a seating area and a balcony.
The IPTV allows guests to order food, watch high-definition movies or check their bill in the comfort of their own room.


Room type : Mini Suite Mountain View, Mini Suite Plus Mountain View, Mini Suite Sea View, Mini Suite Plus Sea View, 1 Bedroom Theme Suite and 2 Bedroom Theme Suite.


Explore Pattaya on a bike or with shuttle services provided. Guests can stay active or unwind in steam and sauna rooms at Fitz Club. Soothing massages await at Cliff Spa after a day of activity. Cooking lessons are available for those who want to experience authentic Thai cuisine.


Take in views of the Gulf of Siam while enjoying a hearty breakfast buffet at Panorama. Indian specialities and Cantonese can be savoured at The Maharani and Chrysanthemum Palace respectively. Guests can also explore the world of culinary at the award-winning restaurants, Caprice and The Royal Grill.


Facilities Free WiFi, Free parking, Outdoor pool, Family rooms, Airport shuttle, Restaurant and Private beach area.

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel

From € 152 p.r.
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