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Hotels > Thailand >  Pattaya/ Rayong >  Sandalay Resort Pattaya

Sandalay Resort Pattaya


This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. Sandalay Resort features quiet beachside accommodations in northern Pattaya, just over a quarter mile from Central Festival Beach Pattaya. It has free Wi-Fi, a daily buffet breakfast and a small outdoor pool.

Sandalay Resort is a 2-minute drive from shopping and dining options at the popular Walking Street. Local attractions like the Sanctuary of Truth and Mini Siam are within 4.8 km of the resort.


Featuring bright colors and modern decor, the air-conditioned rooms come equipped with a flat-screen cable/satellite TV and a minibar. Select rooms enjoy views of the sea.

Room Type : Standard, Standard Plus, Deluxe and Deluxe Plus.

Guests can tan in the sun by the outdoor pool or relax at the hot tub. Sandalay also provides car rentals, as well as laundry and dry cleaning services.


Presenting sea views, The Redsteps Restaurant serves a selection of Thai seafood and international dishes. Drinks can be enjoyed at the Pool Bar, and Rainbow Pub has a pool table and light refreshments.

Facilities : Room Service, Tour Desk, Swimming Pool, Free WiFi, Free Parking, Airport Shuttle, Non-smoking Rooms, Restaurant and Bar.

Sandalay Resort Pattaya

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